Addressing angry drivers on your daily commute

Numerous people across LA utilize the roads to get to and from work. Generally, people head to work each day to provide for their families. This makes getting back to them in one piece all the more important.

Unfortunately, people can become overwhelmed by stress and personal circumstances, leading them to become aggressive drivers. Almost 80% of road users have admitted to feeling extremely aggressive at some point when behind the wheel. The consequences are thousands of road traffic accidents that result in injuries and fatalities. Luckily, there are some measures that you can take to protect yourself from angry drivers. Outlined below are some noteworthy practices.

Focus on your conduct

Just because someone has acted aggressively towards you, that doesn’t mean you must return the favor. If a person is tailgating you in an attempt to get past, let them do so, providing that it is safe. Getting into a conflict or competition will bring no benefits. It might be safest to let the situation go and move on with your day.

Make a report

Of course, not responding directly to the situation is not the same as not responding at all. Once you are out of immediate danger, there are actions that you can take. Aggressive drivers are not entitled to make you or anyone else feel threatened, and driving infractions are a top priority for law enforcement. You may wish to gather your thoughts about what happened and file a report with the police. This may not only keep you safe, but other drivers will reap the benefits too.

You should not have to face unwarranted dangers for simply traveling to work. If you have been injured because of another driver’s conduct, there may be legal options open to you.