Don’t ask for divorce in the heat of the moment

Many people first bring up divorce in the middle of an argument or disagreement. They feel angry, they’ve already been thinking about divorce, and they just blurt it out to their spouse.

You may be right to want a divorce at this time, but it’s probably not the best time to tell your spouse. It’s actually better to wait until there is not much outside stress. You have to remember that your spouse is going to react to this news based on all of the other stress in their life, as well. They may take it a lot better if you wait until things calm down and then bring it up in a more controlled manner.

Be sure you really want a divorce

Another reason not to bring this up in the heat of the moment is that you may decide later that you don’t want to divorce. But once you’ve already said it, there’s nothing you can do to take that back. You may be able to tell your spouse that you’ve changed your mind, but you’ve also fundamentally changed the nature of your relationship forever. You’ve opened that door.

Getting divorced can be a  positive thing for your life, and it can give you all sorts of new options that you can explore. But you definitely want to be sure that it’s time to take that step before you start the process. And the best way to do that is to give yourself a little bit of time to cool down from the argument or disagreement and then talk about divorce in a more rational manner later on.

Exploring your options

Once you and your spouse do decide that you’re going to seek a divorce, it’s time to begin exploring all of the legal options you have and the steps you’ll need to take.