Injury risks for cyclist commuters

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In recent years, cycling has become much more than simply a favorite pastime. An increasing number of people are using bikes as their primary mode of transport.

Cycling to work brings numerous benefits, you are staying fit and healthy as well as doing your bit for the environment. However, this does not come without risks. Cycling is widely regarded as a much more dangerous method of commuting than driving or taking public transport.

Outlined below are some of the main dangers cyclists face on their daily commute in Los Angeles:

Being doored

Much of LA is covered with cycle lanes, which keep bikes and motor vehicles separate, and therefore out of harm’s way. However, this does not apply to the whole city, and there is still much to do in terms of cyclist safety.

Parking spaces can be few and far between, and road users often choose spots that are unsuitable because they are desperate. If drivers park in a spot where cyclists frequently pass by, then they need to exercise caution as they exit the vehicle. Sadly, it doesn’t always happen this way and cyclists collide with the car door as it swings open. Dooring accidents are relatively common and they can result in severe injuries for bicyclists.

Blind spots

Visibility is crucial to cyclists’ safety and unfortunately, there are occasions when they may be out of sight. All vehicles have areas surrounding them that the driver cannot see. They are typically referred to as blind spots, and they make cyclists particularly vulnerable. Cyclists can counter this somewhat by operating defensively, and assuming that road users have not seen them. They can also utilize lights, reflectors and bright clothing. Nonetheless, blind spot accidents involving cyclists are often unavoidable, and the injuries resulting from such incidents can be catastrophic.

You shouldn’t be punished because you have chosen to take a healthier option of commuting around LA. If you have been injured due to someone else’s disregard for your safety, then you have legal options.