Co-parenting classes during your divorce

Divorce often tarnishes relationships. Child custody is not easy either. Even the idea of co-parenting can be tough to deal with.

We want to be responsible parents. To do so, learning to co-parent properly is a necessity. The court may order co-parenting classes, as part of the custody process. These classes can be very helpful.

Co-parenting is not something that we are born with. Due to human nature, we focus on our own devastation. This is sometimes to an unhealthy level. As a result, coming together to co-parent can overwhelm us.

There may be times, during these classes, when co-parenting seems extremely uncomfortable. However, this is just the beginning. The process can blossom into highly successful teamwork.

By co-parenting your child successfully, you’ll feel in control. You’ll also feel better about yourself, while going through the devastating divorce process.

Want to co-parent successfully? For starters, your child’s needs go first. Communication and full cooperation are necessary. According to , “bringing up the past, talking about hurt feelings, and mentioning new relationships can be counterproductive”.

Those that teach these co-parenting classes are usually certified therapists.

Louisiana has its own standard co-parenting guidelines. Each Parish will vary on the specific language. Attorney James Graham’s office gives an example of Jefferson Parish’s standards here.

In summary, it’s best to approach co-parenting as helping your kids go through the divorce situation as healthy as possible.

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