Divorce: Domestic violence

Not uncommon, domestic violence is a harsh reality in some divorce cases.

Nobody is ever lucky in a divorce situation, but those that have to endure domestic violence are even more unfortunate.

US Daily Review includes the following affected by domestic violence: child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.

Child custody

In child custody, the victim might threaten to take full custody of the kids, but the likelihood that this will happen if you’re abused is zero. Regardless, it’s important to have a trusted family law attorney on your side. The first step in securing your safety is to document everything.

Child support

Child support is a related factor. An abusive situation can also affect the life of the children involved. In a divorce, it’s important to make sure that the children have a great quality of life that doesn’t suffer. In a domestic violence situation, there could be financial leverage, with the aim of getting the children as much money as possible.

Spousal support

In a domestic violence situation, the odds of getting more alimony are greater. For example, if you were working while you were married, your job might have been affected to the point of missing work or even quitting your job. Financial suffering can be a difficult reality of domestic abuse in a marriage.

Property division

With domestic abuse, the victim has a greater chance of having assets divided more favorably. This is another reason to have a good family law attorney. It’s also a good reason to document everything. The more documentation you have, while hiring a family law attorney, you’ll be in the best shape possible going into your case.


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