Divorce: Temporary restraining orders

Unfortunately violence is a reality of some relationships. The victim of physical abuse in a relationship may not feel like he or she has nowhere to turn or cannot do anything about the situation. Sometimes, fear may prevent the abuse victim from taking any action. Whether this describes you, somebody, you know, or not a reality at all, there are options. One way to go is what’s called a “Temporary Restraining Order”. Not only does this just apply to relationships – it can apply very much to a divorce case.

Divorcenet.com states that a temporary restraining order, or a TRO, “is a court order signed by a judge that requires someone to stop harming or stalking you”. A TRO is also known as an injunction, an order of protection, or something similar along those lines. Fortunately, to obtain a TRO, you don’t have to go through the whole court process with a domestic violence case. This temporary restraining order will keep the abuser from hurting, threatening, stalking, harassing, or performing any other act of abuse. All that has to happen is a judge signs the order and the abuser is notified of this and will not be able to contact you, your children, or other family members.

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