What is family law

You might have heard the term “family law” before, but what does it entail and how does it apply to you?

There are many angles to this type of law, the most common issues centering around divorce and child support.

Rachel Pinder of Rush PR News gives great descriptions of the several components of family law.

Divorce: a family lawyer can help you with the divorce process tremendously, from getting the process started to filing all the appropriate forms and paperwork with the court. Having children involved will especially make the situation more complex, so a good family lawyer with the expertise can help you gain the best outcome while saving you time and stress.

Child Support: Especially if kids are involved in a divorce proceeding, child support is an extremely important issue. The most important part for a family lawyer, in the case of child support, is making sure that the kids have the same quality of life both before and after the divorce.

Child Custody: Every situation is different, but it’s not uncommon for disagreements to arise between both parents involving the issue of child custody. No matter how much you think you earned the custody of the kids, your ex might have a lawyer on his or her behalf. If he or she has a family lawyer and you don’t, especially a good one, then it could result in losing custody.

Alimony: alimony usually happens when an ex has more assets and money. Alimony is meant to keep your quality of life from going down. A good family lawyer, with the correct paperwork and documentation, will work on your behalf to maximize the amount of spousal support you can get. The court may not always agree with your financial requirements, but having a good family lawyer will work in your favor.

For these components of family law, it’s important to have an experienced family law attorney on your side. If you have an issue related to one of these, call the Southern Oaks Law Firm team at 337-704-7255. Family law attorney Taylor Fontenot understands the need to listen and empathize, while providing practical legal advice and high-quality representation.