You do need to set time aside to talk about divorce with your kids

It’s hard to know what to do when your child is upset about your divorce. They may be worried that you don’t love them anymore or be afraid that they caused you to separate.

This is a good time to sit down and think about how you’re going to approach talking about divorce with your children. It’s ideal to talk to your children about the upcoming divorce before you and your spouse separate. That way, you’ll have the opportunity to explain what’s going to happen before you start to move your items out of the home or they figure out what’s happening themselves.

Children need time to adjust to the idea of a divorce. They may have many questions and want you to reaffirm that this isn’t their fault.

Once you decide when you’d like to talk to them, it’s smart to talk to your spouse about sitting down with your children. Plan for a time when your children won’t be tired or busy so that they can focus on the conversation and listen to what you have to say. They should have an opportunity to say what they want to tell you, too.

Parents may want to plan a follow-up meeting time, like the next night at dinner, for example, to ask if their children have anything else they’d like to talk about. Your child may need regular reassurance as they go through the divorce with you, so remember to pay attention to their needs and to take steps to do whatever is in their best interests.

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