Is it time to get a divorce?

Making the decision to get a divorce is often very difficult. There are a lot of factors to weigh and if you have been married for a long time, leaving the comfort of something so familiar is not easy.

There are times, however, when the signs point toward divorce. Things like infidelity, lack of communication and emotional intimacy are hard to overcome. Even with the help of couples counseling, some marriages just cannot be saved.

Signs that point toward divorce

Experts will tell you that it is probably time to move on from the marriage if you are experiencing any of these issues:

  • Negativity has become the norm in your communications with your spouse. When you were first married, there was plenty of conversation about future hopes, plans and happy occasions. Now, you have nothing positive to say to your spouse. Or perhaps your spouse is constantly putting you down instead of encouraging you. A relationship rooted in negativity cannot survive.
  • Communication has shut down. You and your spouse barely speak anymore. When you do, it’s negative in nature and leaves you both feeling hurt or empty.
  • The relationship is unhealthy. What used to nourish your heart and soul is no longer there. Instead, you feel stifled and you are desperate to make a change.
  • There’s a lack of willingness to change for the betterment of the relationship. You, your spouse, or both of you may be burned out and feel that moving on is better than making changes in an attempt to rekindle the connection you once had.

Moving on from an unhealthy marriage may be the best thing for both of you. Should you decide to file for divorce, consulting an experienced divorce lawyer in Lafayette can help you navigate through the process.