Social media and divorce are not a good combination

Oversharing and exaggeration are commonplace on social media. The public has grown to accept this. But while your “friends” may tolerate this behavior, judges and attorney will not, especially in legal cases such as divorce.

If you are going through a divorce, what you post on social media, sometimes, may prove detrimental. Such mistakes may have a negative effect on the outcome of your divorce. A judge may see rantings, boasts, threats and untruths and, subsequently determine that you are an unstable person and parent.

Stalking, lies and boasts

When going through a divorce, please be careful what you post on social media. People understand that you may be going through a difficult time, but certain things shared on social media are not meant for public airing.

Here are some of the tactics and behaviors to avoid on social media:

  • Threats, harassment and stalking: If you set out to instill fear in others, then you likely will accomplish it with this such offensive behavior. These actions can lead to charges and make you a persona non grata. Any judge will view you unfavorably and dangerous.
  • Fabrications: Lies about your estranged spouse will do you no favors. A judge may view them as evidence of your instability. Family and friends may shun you, too.
  • Braggadocio: Flashing money, expensive items and images of an extra-marital tryst may lead to an investigation into you hiding assets, while also proving your infidelity.
  • Personal information about your spouse: An effort to embarrass your estranged spouse is not a good idea. Posting intimate photos, private information and court documents will make you look vengeful and prove your vindictiveness.

It can be difficult to subscribe to magnanimity when going through a divorce. But it is important to try doing so. Misbehavior on social media will only harm you.

Focus on civility

It is not a bad idea to adhere to a social media moratorium when experiencing divorce. This may prevent any temptation to pursue online attacks. Remain civil and avoid online outbursts.