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How do closed and open adoptions differ?

Individuals and couples who are ready to adopt a child have several things that they have to think about when they’re getting ready for this process. While it’s easy to become lost in technical matters, e.g., completing the home study, people who are embarking upon this process also have to

Is legal adoption an option for loving stepparents in Louisiana?

If you marry someone who already has children from a previous relationship, you get an instant family instead of just a spouse. It can be exciting to go from a single person living alone to living in a bustling house full of growing young minds and people you love. Eventually,

Are you ready to adopt a foster child into your family?

Not all families grow through marriage, pregnancy and birth. Some people expand their families by offering care to children born to others. Adoption at birth is one option, but there are also thousands of older children in need of love and care across Louisiana. Foster care can be a way

2 types of adoptions you should know about

People who are interested in adopting a baby have many options for where they turn for the adoption. One of the decisions they’ll have to make in the process is what type of adoption they want. The two primary types are open and closed. Decades ago, closed adoptions were the more

Do you need a biological dad’s approval to adopt your stepchild?

Dating a woman who is already a mother can mean accepting her children as part of your life in order to share it with her. As time goes by, you may develop deep and meaningful bonds with your stepchildren that you want to honor, possibly through an adoption. If you

How do I get a new birth certificate for my adopted child?

Adopting a child is a rewarding experience for both of you. Creating a family that includes children who otherwise would not have a loving home is very commendable, but since it is a legal process, it involves a lot of requirements. When you finally reach the end and your child

Licensing requirements for adopting a child in Louisiana

Opening your home to a Louisiana child who does not have one can change that child’s entire life, and it can also potentially give you the family you always dreamed of having. At Southern Oaks Law Firm, we have considerable experience assisting clients who want to bring adopted children into

Do you understand the full cost of adoption?

If you plan on starting a family here in Louisiana, you may consider adopting. Besides looking at your current home and lifestyle to determine your readiness for adoption, you should also closely examine your bank account. For consideration, American Adoptions focuses on a number of financial areas related to adoption. Keep these

What are the requirements to be a foster parent?

If you have an interest in adopting a child in Louisiana, it is a good idea to begin your journey as a foster parent. Many of the children in the foster system eventually become eligible to adopt. This can lead you to the right child naturally while also giving you

What do you need to know about placing a baby up for adoption?

If you decide to place your baby up for adoption in Louisiana, you may have several questions and concerns regarding the state’s rules for doing so. Considering Adoption strives to make the whole process easier on you by answering your most pressing questions about Louisiana adoption law. Many parents want to