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Why does illness increase the odds of divorce?

A serious illness, such as cancer or a stroke, could lead to a divorce. It doesn't happen in all cases, of course, but studies have found that there is a particular increase in the risk of divorce, especially when women are the ones who are sick. This is not always...

Why it’s imperative that you drive carefully in the rain

Rain is a common event in southern Louisiana, especially during hurricane season. It’s imperative that drivers use proper safety measures if they have to get out in the rain. Of course, it’s usually best to avoid driving in the rain if you can.  Because you might have...

Ways to help an adopted toddler adjust to their new family

Adopting an infant allows its new parents to create a bond with their new bundle of joy. However, adopting a toddler that has already had some life experiences can call for understanding and patience. The child may have already experienced poverty, abandonment and...

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