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How similar are drunk and drowsy driving?

You might never dream of getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink, but would you drive if you slept badly the night before? According to U.S. News and World Report, driving when drowsy is comparable to driving while under the influence of alcohol. In some ways, it may even

Is the number of fatal car accidents going down?

There is no denying that fatal car accidents occur daily across the country. This is a problem that authorities and experts have been working to solve for decades. Typically, each year, the statistics show the rate of fatal accidents go up, but for states like Louisiana, the latest figures show

What is the access and visitation program?

The main focus of a Louisiana court when determining child custody matters is what is best for the child. The court does not care about how a decision may affect you or the other parent. It wants to ensure that whatever happens will be the best situation to provide the

How can mediators assist in a divorce?

When couples in Louisiana decide that it may be time to split up and go their separate ways, there can be a lot of conflict ahead. This may make it seem difficult to have an uncontested divorce. Fortunately, however, it is still entirely possible for you to achieve this.

Licensing requirements for adopting a child in Louisiana

Opening your home to a Louisiana child who does not have one can change that child’s entire life, and it can also potentially give you the family you always dreamed of having. At Southern Oaks Law Firm, we have considerable experience assisting clients who want to bring adopted children into

How do I get a divorce in Louisiana?

You have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Although the upcoming proceedings will cause stress and an upheaval of emotions, you know this choice is what is best for you and your family. The divorce process is simple enough to understand. But it will take time and patience.

Is an amicable divorce possible?

It is common for emotions to run high during a divorce, for couples to have bitter feelings and to face resentment from their partners. Difficult divorces, at times, might seem more common. The truth is that amicable divorce is possible, as stated by the Guardian. It may take more work, but there

How divorced parents can raise their kids as a team

Divorced parents raising kids together in Louisiana may occasionally encounter conflict regarding childrearing. Either that or newly divorced parents could want to get ahead of complications. Psychology Today has both groups covered with co-parenting insights. Children should not suffer from parents’ inability to work together. Talk about the divorce For parents

Determining the overall cost of a DUI

While out having a great time with friends at a bar in Louisiana, a DUI may be the farthest thing from a person’s mind. That also means the cost of a DUI charge may be the last thing on someone’s mind. offers an in-depth look at the total cost of

How do you know when it is time for a divorce?

When Louisiana couples tie the knot, most expect it to be for life or forever, depending on your personal beliefs. Couples do not go into a marriage expecting it to end, and sometimes you may not see it coming. If you are dealing with problems in your marriage and feel