Don’t go through divorce alone

Divorce is difficult and can be expensive but don’t let the cost of hiring a divorce attorney keep you from finding the right lawyer that will work for you. Many times, in situations like these, people feel that they can handle the filings and procedures themselves and while that may be true a small percentage of the time, the truth is, more often than not people realize they have bitten off more than they can chew. Here are several reasons from weSRCH why you should hire an attorney for your divorce proceedings and not go through the divorce alone.


Attorney’s are trained professionals in not just law but also in the practice of working cases and proceedings, hearings, and all that goes along with the process. A qualified and experienced attorney will be skilled and familiar with laws that may not be common but may be the key to a favorable outcome for you. Law can also be complex and for a layperson difficult to understand, your attorney will be trained and have the experience to navigate any difficulties or issues that may come up during the process.


Divorce is often times an emotional process and another reason you should hire representation and not go through your divorce alone. Your lawyer is worried about you and making sure your outcome is favorable. Emotions can lead to irrational decisions that may hinder you from properly executing the divorce process should you decided to proceed with the divorce alone.


An attorney understands the process and timely manner in which to make the proper filings and motions. This can be a time-consuming process, by hiring an attorney it allows you time take care of yourself and your family through this emotional time, especially if children are involved.

Taylor Fontenot is an experienced law professional practicing family law,and personal injury cases in Lafayette, LA. Taylor founded the Southern Oaks Law Firm in 2016. He earned his Juris Doctorate and a Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law from LSU. You can call Taylor at 337-704-7255.

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