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Addressing angry drivers on your daily commute

Numerous people across LA utilize the roads to get to and from work. Generally, people head to work each day to provide for their families. This makes getting back to them in one piece all the more important. Unfortunately, people can become overwhelmed by stress and personal circumstances, leading them

Increasing following distances could save lives

The following distance that you use on the road should always be one that gives you time to react in case of an emergency. The general rule is that you stay three seconds behind the next car, at a minimum. To calculate how far behind you are, just find something on

Is coffee a good solution for drowsy drivers?

Drowsy driving is a serious issue that is very similar to impaired driving. A drunk driver may have trouble keeping their eyes on the road, and the same is true for someone who is too tired. Both could pass out. Both have reduced reaction times. Both make more mistakes. You

Is it more dangerous to drive on the weekends?

During the week, your driving schedule is pretty well established as you commute to work and back. You know that this exposes you to some level of risk, but you try to stay safe by giving yourself extra time and being a defensive driver. Anyway, you know that you must

Should billboards be illegal because they’re so distracting?

How many billboards did you drive by today? In the space of a normal commute, it could be dozens or even hundreds. In some areas, they’re so common that they blend together and you may not even realize how many there are. Have you ever wondered, though, if those billboards should be

What is Louisiana’s Katie Bug’s Law?

Katie Bug’s Law was signed into effect by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. This law is intended to help families seeking justice over a fatal accident, and allows law enforcement officials to test a driver for drugs or alcohol in their system after a car crash, even if there were